Core Aviation Purchase Order Processing


This module has been built specifically to meet the needs of Aircraft and Engine Lessors. It has been configured to manage both overhead and technical orders. Orders can be electronically routed around the organisation for review and approval. Scanned quotations or other technical documentation can be attached to the electronic form to assist with the approval process.

Supports multiple versions of purchase orders

The Purchase Order Processing module approval workflow is totally configurable based upon approval limits and user roles. The system allows purchase orders to be recorded and analysed across user defined dimensions such as MSN, ESN, Contract Number, Lessee and Aircraft Component ID. It also allows for the management of rechargeables where Lessors wish to pass charges onto an internal or external entity. Scanned quotations or technical documentation may be attached to the electronic forms and passed around the organisation for approval and review. Email alerts can be configured within the system to automatically notify users when specific events occur. The system has been configured to handle both technical and overhead orders.

Technical Managers can review the status of any outstanding or completed Purchase Order with any Vendor. Additionally shipping information can be recorded against orders to manage the delivery process.

Invoices when received can be matched directly against any line item on a purchase order. The system supports multiple versions of a purchase order to handle the scenario where a part number is replaced by a manufacturer. Full version control of purchase orders is supported within the application.