Core Aviation Intercompany Processing


This module has been built specifically to meet the needs of Aircraft and Engine Lessors. The corporate structure of a typical Lessor includes numerous SPV’s to manage the portfolio of assets.

This module allows for the setup of an entity structure to manage the intercompany balances between SPVs.

Invoices can be booked into one entity and paid out of a second entity. The Intercompany module will automatically calculate and post the required entries into each of the SPVs.

Configure to handle any corporate structure

The Aviation Intercompany Processing module can be configured to handle any corporate structure within a Leasing organisation. The system can handle simple intercompany scenarios where one company pays a Vendor invoice relating to a number of SPV’s. It can also handle scenarios where a transaction needs to be passed through a number of intermediary entities. The system will automatically generate all of the required accounting entries at source which will simplify balancing of intercompany accounts at month end.